Closed Access Store

What does "Closed Access Store" mean?

Books with the location "Closed Access Store" have been removed from the shelves in the Library. The usual reason for this is that they are no longer current and often have been replaced by a newer edition. Journals in Library stock that were published prior to 1998 are also usually placed in the Closed Access Store.

Where is the store?

The Closed Access Store is located in a separate building to the Library and holds older less used stock - items held in the store are indicated on The Catalogue as "Closed Access Store".

Can I visit the store in person?

No. You will need to request the items that you wish to look at.

Can I borrow items from the store?

Yes, most items kept in the Store can be borrowed. Exceptions to this are journals, theses and other reference items which will be kept at the iZone for as long as required.

How do I request items from the store?

  • If you are in the Library, complete a yellow store request form for journals and a white request form for books or theses - these forms are available from the iZone. Hand in requests to the iZone on the Ground Floor of the Library.
  • You can also request items by telephone on 01642 342100
  • You can request an item online - see below

Can I request items from the store via the web?

Yes. Complete one of the following online forms, depending on whether you want to request a book or a journal, and completing as much information as possible. Please note that you will need to complete a separate form for each request that you want to make. Forms submitted after 12 noon on Friday will be checked on Monday.

If you have any problems contact Customer Services by telephone on 01642 342100, Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 or email

When can I collect my store requests?

Store requests submitted before 09.00 will normally be available for collection after 10.00 Monday to Friday and 11.00 Saturday to Sunday. Books can be collected from the Reservations trolley (adjacent to the self-service machines), other requested items (e.g. journals, theses) can be collected from the Library iZone during staffed hours.

How many items can I request from the store?

Requests are limited to five items per customer each day and will be kept for collection on the Reservations trolley (ground floor of the library) for one week before being returned to the store