Printing and Copying

There is a combined printing & photocopying self service system, called MyPrint, available across the campus. The system has a range of mono (black and white) printer/photocopiers and colour printer/photocopiers located across the University, including a number of stations located in the Library.

How much does it cost to print/photocopy in the Library using the self service print stations?

Currently, prices are as follows:

Print/Photocopy Single-sided
A4 black/white (mono) 4p
A4 (colour) 12p
A3 black/white (mono) 8p
A3 (colour) 24p

Double-sided copying is also available, but charges will vary depending on the size and exact nature of the print/photocopy job. Please ask at the iZone for assistance.

How do I use the self-service printers?

Printing in the Library is easy but before you begin you need to credit your TUSC (the card you use to borrow books etc) with some cash. To do this with notes and/or coins use the self-service creditors located across campus. You can also credit your account online via the Online Shop. You will be prompted for your username and password. The University printing system is called "MyPrint".

Is there a set amount I have to credit?
No, unless you're using a credit/debit card in which case it is a minimum of £5.00.

If you are not sure how many pages your document may have:

  • Go to File at the top of the screen
  • Choose Print Preview from the list.
  • This will show you what the document will look like when you print it and tell you how many pages it will be.

With credit on your card you are now ready to send anything you want to print. The student PCs are set up to automatically send your printing to the black and white printers - if you want to print in colour see How do I print in colour?

Printing will stay on the system for 72 hours so you don't have to rush off and collect everything straight away. When you are ready to collect your printing go to the relevant MyPrint station (mono or colour) in the Library. You can find out where they are by asking at the iZone.

Photocopying and scan to e-mail services are also available using MyPrint.

Staff are always happy to help with any problems you have using the Library. If you would like someone to show you how the system works, please don't hesitate to ask for help.

Where can I credit my MyPrint Account?

Using the MyPrint creditors located across campus (including three in the Library) during opening hours or via the Online Shop, at any time. You will need your TUSC to use the creditors and your university user name and date of birth and a debit or credit card to credit your account online.

Do the MyPrint creditors give change?

No. They don't give change. If you don't have change, why not use your credit/debit card instead via the Online Shop. A minimum spend of £5.00 (maximum £250) is required.

Will the MyPrint Creditors accept any coins/notes?

No. The MyPrint Creditors do not accept copper (1p or 2p) or foreign coins e.g. Euros. They do accept 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2, £5 note, £10 note and £20 note. Please note, the MyPrint creditors do not give change.

Can I use my debit or credit card to credit my MyPrint account?

Yes. You can add credits to your MyPrint account using your credit/debit card at the Online Shop or at the iZone on the Ground Floor. To add credit online you will need your student ID and date of birth.

Can I use any credit/debit card on the online University Shop?

You can used any recognised credit or debit card, but the University does not accept American Express cards.

Can I add MyPrint credits off campus?

Yes. Just type in into your browser's address bar and login using your student ID and date of birth.

Will the credits purchased via the online University Shop be added to my account straight away?

After initial activation of your MyPrint account you cannot add credit until the next day. Subsequent credits added will be immediately.

How will I know if my online MyPrint transactions have been successful?

You will receive automated emails to confirm that your order has been received, your MyPrint account has been updated and your credit/debit card payment has been successful.

What should I do if I've made a mistake when using the online University Shop?

You can ask for advice at the iZone on the ground floor on the same day or the Finance Cash Office on the ground floor of Middlesbrough Tower before 4.30 pm (4.00 pm on Fridays) for any transactions made the previous day or before.

Can I view my previous orders on the online University Shop?

Yes, click on the Order History option when logged into the Online Shop.

Can I print/photocopy on A3?

There are A3 MyPrint printer/photocopiers located in the Library, and others across campus, can be used for colour or mono printing and copying.

For answers to other questions about printing and copying see IT Help Centre - MyPrint