Archives and special collections at Teesside University

Accessing the Collections

Teesside University currently houses three main collections of archive material, The European Green Archive, the HMS Trincomalee Trust Archive and the Wally K Daly Archive.

European Green Archive

The European Green Archive covers the period 1972 to the present, with the main body of material from 1985 to 1995. Deposited by various members of the party or other green organisations over time, the collection now stands at approximately 95 linear meters; it includes policy documents, conference proceedings, press releases, minutes of meetings, manifestos, magazines, newsletters, Campaigns, briefings etc. Some elements of the collection are personal to past or present members of the Green Party and comprise collections in their own right.

HMS Trincomalee Archive

The Trincomalee Trust comprises 31 linear meters of broad ranging material officially handed to the University in January 2003. The journey of the Trincomalee through reconstruction to the present has been charted by the trust and the collection includes accounts from 1937, and later bank books, invoices, finance committee minutes and appeals committee minutes, photographs, ephemera and correspondence. Information on ships captains from 1947 and the ships company 1817-1897. Many detailed photographs of the reconstruction process as well as technical schematics and test results. Research material used to aid reconstruction, and various books including The International Code of Signals 1922 and four volumes of The British Navy inscribed by the Wheatley family in 1882. The collection also includes prints and drawings and a variety of artefacts such as the ships pennant and original nails from the hull.

Wally K Daly Archive

The Wally K Daly collection was deposited with the University in June 2005 by the author, it comprises 16 linear meters of short stories and plays for Radio and TV and Wally's contributions to TV series such as Juliet Bravo, Casualty and Byker Grove. Many include the original proposal or commission, through rough draft, to finished script. The collection also includes photographs and ephemera.

Accessing the Collections

In order to facilitate wider and easier access to the collections, they are currently undergoing re-organisation and electronic cataloguing. The collections remain available to researchers, by appointment, during this project and assistance will be given to locate material.

Please contact Suzanne Heywood for more information or to arrange appointments